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ÖRMECİ SOCKS was established in 1997 with managers, who played a significant role in the development of the Turkish Socks sector, and with experienced and long-standing administrative and technical staff.

We carry out all the production in the 5.000 m² factory located in Istanbul/Hadimkoy, with our experienced team and 150 machines with the latest technology that all help us achieve high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

We give importance to R&D activities and follow the technological developments. As a result, we are taking solid steps to become one of the most powerful companies in the sock industry in Turkey.

State of art machinery and equipment, precision in manufacture, pattern and color richness in design, ÖRMECİ SOCKS always targets the highest quality. We allocate a significant portion of our capacity to export by manufacturing a wide range of products of crew socks and technical socks. In addition, “VIPSOCKS” brand serves the Turkish consumers with the high quality and stylish socks that are manufactured for the domestic market.

ÖRMECİ SOCKS, is one of the few companies in the socks manufacturing sector that can meet all the demands from its customers and has a good reputation within the sector. By following consumer trends and thanks to our successful management, strong capital structure and quick adaptation to the evolving technology, we are implementing a consistent and sustainable growth policy.


To become the leader in socks manufacturing sector in Turkey by growing consistently and by establishing long-term relationships that rely on mutual trust with our customers and business partners.


To achieve 100% customer satisfaction with innovative and quick solutions and by adding value at every stage of the business process of our customers and business partners


ÖRMECİ ÇORAP is an institution that meets the demands of customers in a timely and complete manner and to this end, as an institution that fulfills the rules of Total Quality Management System;

With all employees, it has adopts creating an environment open to new ideas and for participants,

to increase the satisfaction of the customers, to ensure the satisfaction of the customers and to make them continuous,

and to achieve continuous improvement and development in all processes, as a principle.

ÖRMECİ SOCKS is a company that meets the demands of the customers on time in full by complying with the rules of Total Quality Management System. Our policies are:

Creating a participatory environment that is open to new ideas with all our employees

Providing, increasing and sustaining customer satisfaction

Constantly improving and enhancing all our processes


With our high-quality products and environmentally friendly company we aim to leave a livable world for the next generation. In order to do this;

We embrace environmental protection policies in our activities and actions

We educate our employees and suppliers regarding environmental protection

We use natural resources and raw materials efficiently

We comply with the legal obligations


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